Thursday, May 24, 2012


The (Fake) Breitling Chronograph

First up is a watch that I received from someone who found it on the street during a walk. Needless to say it looked like someone threw it out of a moving vehicle. It had no crown and the hands for the sub - dials were not in place, upon investigation which took about 2.4 seconds, the sub - dial hands were located between the dial and crystal (I mean standard grade glass).

*Whenever there are chrono pushers "and" one or two sub dials present this represents a Chronograph. In this model the sub dials are "calender" dials so this in its self is a indicator of a watch being a "Fake" *
The higher grade replicas will have a "working chronograph" which means they have a chronograph but with a quartz movement instead of a mechanical movement. In some cases the more expensive  replicas will have mechanical chronograph movements as well but will still be of Chinese or Japanese origins.

Then will come the so called Swiss ETA's which may be Swiss movements but will still be assembled in the orient. These watches cost 1 to 3 times as much as the standard fake calender

Cheaper fake watches will have standard grade glass instead of Sapphire Crystal, and most of the replica watches have the scratch resistant Sapphire Chrystal (which can be bought by anyone).

This is the type of fake you can get from an online "replica" site for about $75 to $125, or possibly from a vendor on the streets of New York for $25 to $50 dollars.

This is a fake that anyone who follows The Breitling Company would be able to tell it's origins, which of course is very fake. The only way this watch could be anymore fake is if it had the name
"BREITRING" on it's dial.


Now, do you notice the day of the month? Good, I thought it was just me that it was the 39th day of whatever month that the sub-dial can't say because the hands fell off. Next is the plastic "shock absorber" that is never present in the genuine article. The case back "inside" is not signed in any way with the Breitling name.

The case back is usually always stainless steel because it is the part of the watch that actually touches your skin, the rest of the watch is a composit metal, otherwise "cheap!" Now in the street versions like the Rolex Subs and the other fast fakes even the case backs can be composit metal too.

This is the movement under the dial, not as fancy is it? In the Real Breitlings the movements are decorated and polished even though the customer will never see this part of the watch. In all there was about 120 to 125 parts. ( not counting the jewels )

This is the case back, composit metal.

Now as watches come in I will not be able to post every one but I will definitely show off the ones that grab my attention and I will give you my take on the differences on each grade of fake and or replica.

Till next time,