Thursday, May 24, 2012


The (Fake) Breitling Chronograph

First up is a watch that I received from someone who found it on the street during a walk. Needless to say it looked like someone threw it out of a moving vehicle. It had no crown and the hands for the sub - dials were not in place, upon investigation which took about 2.4 seconds, the sub - dial hands were located between the dial and crystal (I mean standard grade glass).

*Whenever there are chrono pushers "and" one or two sub dials present this represents a Chronograph. In this model the sub dials are "calender" dials so this in its self is a indicator of a watch being a "Fake" *
The higher grade replicas will have a "working chronograph" which means they have a chronograph but with a quartz movement instead of a mechanical movement. In some cases the more expensive  replicas will have mechanical chronograph movements as well but will still be of Chinese or Japanese origins.

Then will come the so called Swiss ETA's which may be Swiss movements but will still be assembled in the orient. These watches cost 1 to 3 times as much as the standard fake calender

Cheaper fake watches will have standard grade glass instead of Sapphire Crystal, and most of the replica watches have the scratch resistant Sapphire Chrystal (which can be bought by anyone).

This is the type of fake you can get from an online "replica" site for about $75 to $125, or possibly from a vendor on the streets of New York for $25 to $50 dollars.

This is a fake that anyone who follows The Breitling Company would be able to tell it's origins, which of course is very fake. The only way this watch could be anymore fake is if it had the name
"BREITRING" on it's dial.


Now, do you notice the day of the month? Good, I thought it was just me that it was the 39th day of whatever month that the sub-dial can't say because the hands fell off. Next is the plastic "shock absorber" that is never present in the genuine article. The case back "inside" is not signed in any way with the Breitling name.

The case back is usually always stainless steel because it is the part of the watch that actually touches your skin, the rest of the watch is a composit metal, otherwise "cheap!" Now in the street versions like the Rolex Subs and the other fast fakes even the case backs can be composit metal too.

This is the movement under the dial, not as fancy is it? In the Real Breitlings the movements are decorated and polished even though the customer will never see this part of the watch. In all there was about 120 to 125 parts. ( not counting the jewels )

This is the case back, composit metal.

Now as watches come in I will not be able to post every one but I will definitely show off the ones that grab my attention and I will give you my take on the differences on each grade of fake and or replica.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012



That's right, the sculpture I am planing will take about 6 months and about 600 watches to complete from start to finish. This is very tedious work to say the least but I am up for the challenge. Be part of this great expedition of Art & Horology, as the world of sculpture and watches collide. I will present the final piece for you on SpectacleWatch.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am sending out a request, yes, a request for any fake, replica or just unused watches. I am on a

quest to acquire 600 fake & replica watches for a sculpture I am doing for a


So, I will give an email in my "PAGE BAR" and if you want to send in a watch it would be appreciated. Just think, that fake watch that one of your relatives got you for Christmas three years ago can now be put to good use.

I will disassemble each watch for it's wheeled gears, jewels, main springs, leather and or
        metal bands, hands, well pretty much everything.





Monday, May 21, 2012


Omega Speedmaster Planet Earth Watch - Concept
Let it be known that if it was not for the Omega Watch Company (and a few other's) that I would not be in the position that I am today. I started studying watch design because of watches like the Seamaster and Speedmaster. I can say for certain that Omega is one of the only companies that I could, if need be, go the rest of my life with only their timepieces on my wrist. With that being said, "Here We Go."

Omega has just about every buyer covered, even with the customers that have the craving for the vintage looks of the "Museum Watch." But they have an unbalanced portfolio, as most do.

"My Suggestion"

If Omega wants to be balanced and open minded, my offering would be that they combine the aspects of the Planet Ocean Chronograph and the Speedmaster Day Date. Now the buyer would have another option in the "large" watch market. You may ask, "what would a watch of that nature be called?" The Speedmaster "Planet Earth"

Do I really believe that Omega will hear my call and act on it? Yes, they will hear me. No, I don't believe they will act on it, but would it not be great for a New Generation of Omega Watches to hit the market that say,
"Why should all large watches be Divers?"

I would, if I had anything to do with it, make these "Planet Earth" watches with blue and green dials
(yes, the color of the Earth) and have them the same design as the standard Day Dates but with
the same bezel platform as the "Moon" watches, flat not angled.
So this is the first of my "Wish List" watches and there will be more, a lot more.
(Picture above is the standard Speedmaster Day Date)
"Any" comments would be appreciated,


New Concepts - Food for Watch thought
Is it just me or are watches moving in a direction of ,"How in the world do I tell time on this thing?"
I believe that watch inventions have their place in the world as an investment, or even as a "sign of wealth" but most of the world would like a watch that they can read easily, without having to be an engineer or a fighter pilot.

There is a way to get the timepiece that you want and still not have to have a doctorate to read it.
Most of the quality watch companies have watches that fit into this realm of "normal watch devices" and most people are more than happy with them. All I ever really wanted was something that I could wear just about anywhere within reason, not a dress watch for scuba diving of course
, but an all around piece that could go here "and" there.

I will be giving "food for thought" on the ideas that I would like to see come from the watch companies and hope to broaden the scope of watch making and design.

A friend of mine who is well respected in the watch industry told me once that no one in the
"Swiss Watch World" would really listen to me because:
(#1) I am not Swiss
(#2) I am American

Needless to say this frustrated me, but after I thought about it, I understood completely. The Swiss are proud of their heritage and craftsmanship, which may lead them to draw the conclusion that if
you are not of this heritage then what you say is not important.

My conclusion is this, to quote one of my favorite movies;

"Not anyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."

Thanks for any comments,

Sunday, May 20, 2012


You might have noticed that I run videos on the side of my post, just to let you know, I run the video bar for it's content even though it might contain a different point of view than what I write about. You decide if the videos support your view on the matter at hand, if not then hopefully you will gain knowledge on fake (and or) replica watches in this fake (and or) replica world we live in.  : )

Thanks,  Doug  

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Many people want to have money, many more want the power of influence. If you combind these
groups, all they really want is RESPECT, and with respect people believe they will have happiness.
I hate to tell you, but these people are off a bit. I've heard it said this way;

"If you're not living for something worth dying for you're not really living."

This is the way of the world, we live and we die. Why not live with a purpose and make things happen the way you want them to, not just receiving what ever comes along and making "that" fit into your purpose.

Now there are people who receive what they believe will make them happy by the sweat of their brow, and then there are people who receive what they believe "is" theirs. We as Humans have "Rights" that other beings (animals, plants, so on and so forth) don't. We are the top of the heap and we answer only to God himself, well alot of us do anyway. To make matters even more complicated we then have to work with the "powers that be."

People in general think that if no one knows what goes on behind closed doors that it's OK! Well then, there are people in this world that have a conscience about what others don't know. They care about what they themselves do when no one else is around to witness it.

So, the man pulls his shade down and shuts the curtains, locks the door too. Mr. Fakeman turns on his computer and logs in, after that he goes to his "favorites" menu to pull up the "FAKEWATCHRUS" site. He, after much thought, finds the perfect "REPLICA" watch and goes to the shopping cart. Mr. Fakeman spends anywhere from $75.00 to $1000.00 for this purchase and after his "FOLEX" comes in the mail he grins and thinks, "NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW IT'S NOT THE REAL THING!"

I have, (not Mr. Fakeman), seen "fake" and "replica" watches, inside and out. I believe I am educated enough to tell the difference between the real thing and fakes, also between fake and replicas. For the record, there are differences between fake and replica watches and I will give you the details so you will not be fooled.

This may be a few posts long so be sure to follow me to get the whole report on:

                                       "LIFE, DEATH, AND THE FAKE WATCH"