Friday, May 10, 2013

Torsten Nagengast and SpectacleWatch presents The SILVERSTONE PROJECT CHRONOGRAPH


New and up for presale from Torsten Nagengast Timeline is the Limited Edition Silverstone Chronograph, These 50's and 60's styled Racingchronographs come in only 99 pieces world wide!
The clean curves of this retro racer will be evident and pleasing upon arrival, giving you many years of service with it's high quality ETA chronograph movement. This Swiss movement is housed in a beautiful 316L stainless steel case, highly refined hesalite retro crystal.
Sleek and smooth in design this is a must have for the racingchronograph follower. Definitely a collector's item for the serious watch enthusiast and race yard fan. To claim your Silverstone timepiece click this link to get the color and number of your choice before they are sold out!
 DIAMETER: 39mm without crown
 HIGH: 14.5mm
 CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel 316L
 BOTTOM: Screwdown solid caseback
 MOVEMENT: Swiss ETA Automatic with Chronograph
 DIAL: Black with White counters or White with black counters
 HANDS: Faceted with Luminous Paint
 GLASS: Crack resistant retro style crystal


Pre-sales are open until 5 - 28 - 2013

List Price is: 1,890 USD / 1450 EUR
Discounted Pre-Sale Price 1,390 USD / 1,065 EUR
Advance Payment 490 USD / 375 EUR


Race with



Saturday, March 2, 2013

St. Nick's Knives and SpectacleWatch presents 2012 Alabama National Championship Case Knives

From time to time I do MAN GEAR posts for some of my favorite brands and stores, I have found Case Knives at
St. Nick's Knives
Hit the link below for your Case Knife

St. Nick's Knives

The Trappers

The Alabama Championship Case Knives have arrived and are selling fast. I will tell you up front that the pictures here do not do these collectible knives justice. First will be the Limited Edition White Bone Trapper.

Alabama Crimson Tide


As you can see, the snap casing of this Case Knife is incredible! I was very impressed with the strength and structure, it's nice to know that your Case collectible will be safe and sound no matter where you store it.

This Trapper has a beautiful shield that's included in the case, "BACK TO BACK."

.All of these Limited Edition Case Knives have pain staking detail in the badging and in the engravings on the blades.

These knives are numbered from 1- 200 : just so happen we have # 130 shown here.
As far as numbered collectibles, the Case Knives are most desired from the number 1 through 1000. Usually any number after 1000 is deemed for sentimental value only and will more than likely "NOT" go up in price.
St. Nick's knives has the first 200 of all these showcased collectibles. You will not be able to aquire these anywhere else, so get yours while they last, it will not be for long.

Highly decorated blades, end pieces, and handles.

                                                        Crimson Red Alabama Logo

                                                              Trapper number Two

National Champions

All of the new Limited Edition Case Knives are packaged for long term storage in mind, and also to be displayed.

A lot of thought went into the "presentation" of these collectibles. The casing, badging, down to the placement of the blade positioning inside the hard shell boxes. 

Remarkable detailing of logos and titles, these are engraved with great care. The people at the Case Company take pride in their workmanship,

Trapper number three


Strong durable handles provide many years of service, no matter if you showcase your Case knife or use it for daily use.


Case Knives are the most collected pocket knife world wide, and not just in the United States.

There are many different designs to choose from, or you could collect the whole 2012 Alabama series

Trapper number four

Some people think that Bama is going to lose it's edge ( Auburn fans ), but I believe it has only just begun.

Popularity in the Case company is at an all time high, and with it's focus on college football memorabilia increasing, well the sky is the limit.

If your thinking about starting a Case collection you should start with this years series of Alabama Championship Case Knives.


,with an Alabama Crimson Tide Case Knife in your pocket, you'll always have
The Elephant with you.
So to order your Limited Edition Case Knife just call one of these numbers:

(800) 949-5811
(877) 489-9418

To see many other great knives please hit the link at the top of this post, or click the St. Nick's Knives link in the link section.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Heroes and Their Watches Part 3

This Hero needs no introduction. You can usually find him hanging around in a cave.
The thing about this guy is that he'll show up when he gets good and ready, not a minute before.
Now from time to time this Hero and his Butler get into heated discussions about which watches are the best, and as you might have guessed, the Butler is always right.
This is Batman's work watch, 
the BR stands for Bell&Ross,
not Batman's Rolex. It's stealth for sure.
Now on the other hand he does have a small watch collection,  so while resting at the mansion (from staying up all night) he wears this...
Gold is not his "norm", but he has to look the part of the millionaire jet setter, self centered Bruce Wayne.
If you're ever privileged enough to take a cruise in his "ride" you will see one of these custom made into the dash...
Now,  after all criminals have been locked away and His city is safe once again, it's public knowledge that he will go into early retirement.
Of course, the Mayor will give him a retirement watch, it will be a combo set. The Bat will put down the 46mm Bell for these...
Recently in an interview with his Surrogate Father, Butler, and THE BRAINS behind the operation, told us that -
 "It will be a bloody cold day in hell when Master Bruce will ever see these watches."
 There has to be perks for The Secret Keeping Butler.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Alabama Chapionship 2012 Case knives from St. Nick's Knives are in!

St. Nick's Knives Presents
These are limited edition Numbered knives
numbered 1 - 200
Pictured here is The Peanut
This is # 123 out of the first 200
Get your Case knife before they're history
Give St. Nick's Knives a call at:
(877) 489-9418  OR  (800) 949-5811 
Or click this link:
More Case knives coming soon
Thanks for viewing

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alabama Championship Case Knives - St. Nick's Knives

only at
St. Nick's Knives
We have Limited Edition Alabama National Championship
numbered Case knives on the way.
This is the only place to get knives numbered from 1- 200!
To pre-order yours just hit this link:
I will get pics up by Saturday the 19th for you to view.
St. Nick's Knives

Friday, January 11, 2013

DA OTTAWAY - SpectacleWatch now on FACEBOOK

For those of you who know me,
I have said many times,
"You'll never catch me on FaceBook!"
Well, guess what?   Yep!
 I will be adding pages for SpectacleWatch and
my book blogs as well.
Check me out and I will friend you into the family.

Paidia's Horn
The Crumbling Door

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Automatic and Assisted deployment Knives on SpectacleWatch

Keep viewing for the Best Automatic and Assisted
Knives availible.
Out the Front and Standard

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome !

Welcome !
 Thank you for viewing.
I want to say Hello to the new countries that have viewed recently:
We are up to about 34 different countries so far but still waiting for
Switzerland to jump on board.
The best posts are yet to come so keep viewing,
Thank You

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Create

We have all thought at one time or another,
"How do I unleash my imagination?"
This is something I stumbled upon and it is the
EPIC of imagination starters.

You have no idea unless you already practice this, it's the power of peace. So first I will give you a example and then a practice you can do on your own.
(example/ practice)
Try this and you will be amazed. Turn on your TV (or telly) then adjust the volume at a specified level ( 4 or 5 ). Make sure the lights are on in the room ( the more lights the better ) then sit and listen. Can you hear the sound sufficiently? When you have your answer go and turn all the lights off then sit in the same chair you were in before. Did the volume magically get louder? Of course it didn't but your PERCEPTION of it will change. There are many different ways to alter and shape your imagination. Are you ready to move on to the Practice that will change the way you see things?

You will not believe your eyes
Now here is what's going to happen - you will be blind for a moment. I know what you"re thinking, "I don't want to be blind even for a second!" OK, just relax a minute. This is a practice so it is something can you learn by.
Here's how to do it, you go to a room that has the most light in it. A white room is best but do what you can, now get a large white poster board (or a blank white wall will do) now cut out a black circle for the wall, or draw a black circle about 4 inches in diameter. Make sure that you will not be interrupted during this exercise, your focus is very important. Sit about 5 feet away from the circle, now with your arms in your lap, being very still, stare at the black dot. First you will start to have tunnel vision, then slowly it will fade into the black dot, total darkness in a brightly lit room.

NOW YOU ARE BLIND, but if you move your eyes even a little your sight will come back immediately. Yes, just the same as a screen saver works. As soon as you move the mouse of your computer the screen comes back to life.


In the movie "Altered States" the character played by William Hurt went down into this "man made" salt tank. There was alot to this movie, but what I remembered was that he wanted to increase his ability to "alter" his mind.
This is a magnificent way to ALTER "your" imagination too.
(next exercise)
First, get to a quiet, peaceful room, (don't worry if you don't have a salt tank nearby). Find a place where you can sit comfortably,
Don't do this while driving or operating heavy equipment.
(sorry, couldn't resist)
But seriously, don't do this while tired,

I have used a rocking chair in the past, this is good for occupying the body, your mind is what you need for this, not your body.
Now that you have your "imagination tank" ready, go turn off the lights... or clap on, clap off if need be.
Once again, make sure there is "no light what-so-ever" in the room, this is to optimize your efforts.
One more thing before you start,
Now, intently think on something that has been perplexing you lately.
Within minutes you will have your:

...answer to the perplexing question.
...conclusion to a story.
...memory back from years before. (you may not want this)
...or in my case, excellent book ideas, watch designs, or
Try it out...
Don't blame me if you have an "ALTERED STATES" moment.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Watch design in need of updating

If you are a designer and have sometime in the past made one of these for your company, I understand.
In my opinion, which may not mean anything to you, there are only two reasons to design a watch case in this manner.
The first is: You have a large case and need to save wrist space - to keep the watch wearable, and so it does not overwhelm the wearer's wrist. Understandable.
The second is: Just for style sake, which would have been fine the first time it was introduced. Now that, "For style sake," it's been done lets move on to where watch designers get back to working on case designs and not only on special movements.
This is my very own quote, and it is:
"There are only three inexhaustible resources
and Your Imagination."

Realize that there is no design that is 


Otta Horology Designs

First up will be one of my Horology creations that I call the
This is a 24 hour watch with a central second disk
and a bi-level dial.
All the designs I post will be located in the page location for quick views.
Da Ottaway

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Super Heroes and Their Watches Part 2

Our next Hero up is the one with sticky fingers.
"The friendly neighborhood guy"
Now you won't be able to see it because of his suit, but
Spidey wears this watch while at work:

The Tissot T-Race
A close source said he has a wide variety of Swatch watches,
but it could not be verified.
Of course you have to ask his other half or it would not be fair.
Peter Parker is a realist, but he really knows his stuff too.
While he's not caught up in a web he dons one of these:
He's fond of the Olympics. 

Except if it's the weekend, then you would see him wear this one:
Isn't it?
Can you guess who will be next?
Wait and see. 

Monday, November 19, 2012


Have you ever wondered what type of watch your favorite
Super hero likes?
Well lets check in with them to find out.
Let's start off with the most famous Hero of all time!
Most people would believe that the man of steel would have no need for a watch but to tell the truth he's really into them.


The "Man of Steel" was looking for something that could take hits from a shotgun and the occasional blast from dynamite,
what can I say? He's an educated customer.
Now Clark Kent on the other hand is a very no nonsense type of guy, so he sports this:
The Speed Master Day Date
Actually it's rumored that a close friend gave it to him for a going away present.
Next post we'll look at what another Super Hero is wearing these days.
Till then

Saturday, November 10, 2012


You may have a fake watch if . . .
In this post I will show you a few fakes that would catch my eye right away.
Before I start I'll be the first to tell you, there are bad fakes and there are good fakes. Then there are fakes that have Frankenstein
DNA, what this means is that they have parts from "many" different "real" watches, but the parts (and or) serial numbers don't match up. Many watch companies deem these type as "fake" even though they have genuine parts. Even the Rolex company will tell you if you decide to have a aftermarket date magnifier added to your Sea Dweller "on the crystal" (outside of the watch) they will label it as FAKE, and they will not service it, NO JOKE!
Most of the new Rolex fakes have a micro engraving over the
6. This marking is a very small "Rolex Crown", with having a fake and a real Rolex side by side you can see that in the fake the engraving is twice as large as the original.
Keep that in mind when someone wants to sell their Sub dirt cheap.
Fake markets are everywhere. Believe it or not, even in the USA.
So, we now have a question to answer...
...what to do with all those fake (and or) replica watches.
I'm glad you asked,
the usual way we have all seen is the
The problem with this is that it is very yesterday.
 Now it is time for a new way to rid the Earth of these
"cheap imitations of another mans genius"
Now you can get rid of that watch your Uncle Joe got you on one of his trips.
Put it to good use, send in your fake today to have it disassembled
and turned into a
I am down about 575 watches to complete the sculpture I have named:
To inquire about making a historical move in the Horology World
just click on the
Replicas for Destruction page at the top of the blog.


Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best Watch Pic

Sorry but this pic was going to be on the last post,
 but for some reason I missed it. No caption for this one,
 just wanted you to see it for yourself.