Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best Watch Pic

Sorry but this pic was going to be on the last post,
 but for some reason I missed it. No caption for this one,
 just wanted you to see it for yourself.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Best watch Pictures of all Time

These are a small collection of watch pictures
I have found and liked, hope you like them as well.

Yes, I went for the Dali painting
first, it can't be helped.
(I'm an artist for goodness sake)

 Nothing says Horology like bent, soggy
pocket watches.

 Leave it up to me to find a pic like this,
but what can I say... this perplexes me.
... I wonder what kind of grass this is?

If GOD made watches for Jellyfish this is what they would look like.
The contrast is remarkable with great depth,
where are my 3D glasses when I need them!?


Greatest picture of all time? No,
but I liked the sculpture quality about it and I feel like it's gonna start spinning like a gyroscope at any moment.

 Now you know how plumbers store their watches,
(you should see their watch winders)

 This one is known as the "Opera Watch"
, for people that are wealthy enough not to have to lift their arm to tell the time.

till next time

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Some of the best and some of the...
well, you will see.
 Nice to see B&R going for the dome crystal
in this piece.

 B&R and Diamonds?   ...Please don't!

 If B&R and Omega had a baby...


 Can you imagine a cockpit full of these,Crazy!
Very nice B&R,
the less is more watch!
If B&R was a older company this would be their
1940's Pilot Watch 
Last but not least...
Well, yes it is the least.
This is a design done by someone "NOT" with B&R
I beg of you Mr.B and Mr.R
Don't even think about it!
Thanks,  Doug

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Atlantic Records Vintage Chronograph

                               Atlantic Records Swiss Chrono
I have a vintage Atlantic Records Chronograph (1974)

with a Valjoux 7733 movement. The movement is marked by the

J.P. Pingouin name 

The dial is a NASA PANDA, meaning that the color of the sub dials are blue on a silver mother dial.

Vintage Atlantic Records Chronograph 
17 Jewels
Incabloc Shock Absorber
Case Size 37mm (39mm with crown)
12mm tall
Lug Size 18mm
Movement - Valjoux 7733 Hand wind
J.P. Pingouin Company on Movement
Stainless Steel Back Case
Works Great


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Never before in the world of Horology - MB&F

I have been holding on to designs, ones that I thought that I could someday sell off to the Horology world. Well, I've come to the conclusion that it is not going to happen.
 So now that I have accepted this I have decided to post these "ideas." I wrote in another post that
what all it comes down to is this:
So I'll stop my rant and just create
First up I have a design that I would have presented to
When I get back I'll explain about this design in full.
MB&F if you want to hear about it before everyone else email me