Saturday, May 19, 2012


Many people want to have money, many more want the power of influence. If you combind these
groups, all they really want is RESPECT, and with respect people believe they will have happiness.
I hate to tell you, but these people are off a bit. I've heard it said this way;

"If you're not living for something worth dying for you're not really living."

This is the way of the world, we live and we die. Why not live with a purpose and make things happen the way you want them to, not just receiving what ever comes along and making "that" fit into your purpose.

Now there are people who receive what they believe will make them happy by the sweat of their brow, and then there are people who receive what they believe "is" theirs. We as Humans have "Rights" that other beings (animals, plants, so on and so forth) don't. We are the top of the heap and we answer only to God himself, well alot of us do anyway. To make matters even more complicated we then have to work with the "powers that be."

People in general think that if no one knows what goes on behind closed doors that it's OK! Well then, there are people in this world that have a conscience about what others don't know. They care about what they themselves do when no one else is around to witness it.

So, the man pulls his shade down and shuts the curtains, locks the door too. Mr. Fakeman turns on his computer and logs in, after that he goes to his "favorites" menu to pull up the "FAKEWATCHRUS" site. He, after much thought, finds the perfect "REPLICA" watch and goes to the shopping cart. Mr. Fakeman spends anywhere from $75.00 to $1000.00 for this purchase and after his "FOLEX" comes in the mail he grins and thinks, "NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW IT'S NOT THE REAL THING!"

I have, (not Mr. Fakeman), seen "fake" and "replica" watches, inside and out. I believe I am educated enough to tell the difference between the real thing and fakes, also between fake and replicas. For the record, there are differences between fake and replica watches and I will give you the details so you will not be fooled.

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                                       "LIFE, DEATH, AND THE FAKE WATCH"