Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Rolex has been the voice of watchmaking for many years and understandingly so. With so many watch manufactures in the world now you would think that Rolex would have fallen by the wayside, like others have done. But no, Rolex has been in the forefront year in and year out, standing the test of time.

Of course a Rolex has been on my "Wish List" for a long while. The Rolex Sub is incredible, the dial, the hands, the band, but wait, wait just a minute, there was a problem, "the diver's buckle!"

Now I tell you, how can the Great Watch Company overcome this? It's called going back to the basics.

From one of the weakest buckle designs to what I think is the leader in buckle / clasp designs, this is what you will see in all new Rolex models.

I know what you are thinking, you wonder- will Rolex be pushed from their rank as "number one?"

As far as standard watches, I highly doubt it. Once again Rolex is at the top of the heap and for that reason I will tell anyone, that if the Great Watch Company "never" introduced another watch model they would still be alive and kicking 100 years from now,

Now if they would just go ahead and release the "Day Date" Sub, and the Center "Big Date" GMT Master I would be happy.
Thanks,  Doug