Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Best watch Pictures of all Time

These are a small collection of watch pictures
I have found and liked, hope you like them as well.

Yes, I went for the Dali painting
first, it can't be helped.
(I'm an artist for goodness sake)

 Nothing says Horology like bent, soggy
pocket watches.

 Leave it up to me to find a pic like this,
but what can I say... this perplexes me.
... I wonder what kind of grass this is?

If GOD made watches for Jellyfish this is what they would look like.
The contrast is remarkable with great depth,
where are my 3D glasses when I need them!?


Greatest picture of all time? No,
but I liked the sculpture quality about it and I feel like it's gonna start spinning like a gyroscope at any moment.

 Now you know how plumbers store their watches,
(you should see their watch winders)

 This one is known as the "Opera Watch"
, for people that are wealthy enough not to have to lift their arm to tell the time.

till next time