Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Create

We have all thought at one time or another,
"How do I unleash my imagination?"
This is something I stumbled upon and it is the
EPIC of imagination starters.

You have no idea unless you already practice this, it's the power of peace. So first I will give you a example and then a practice you can do on your own.
(example/ practice)
Try this and you will be amazed. Turn on your TV (or telly) then adjust the volume at a specified level ( 4 or 5 ). Make sure the lights are on in the room ( the more lights the better ) then sit and listen. Can you hear the sound sufficiently? When you have your answer go and turn all the lights off then sit in the same chair you were in before. Did the volume magically get louder? Of course it didn't but your PERCEPTION of it will change. There are many different ways to alter and shape your imagination. Are you ready to move on to the Practice that will change the way you see things?

You will not believe your eyes
Now here is what's going to happen - you will be blind for a moment. I know what you"re thinking, "I don't want to be blind even for a second!" OK, just relax a minute. This is a practice so it is something can you learn by.
Here's how to do it, you go to a room that has the most light in it. A white room is best but do what you can, now get a large white poster board (or a blank white wall will do) now cut out a black circle for the wall, or draw a black circle about 4 inches in diameter. Make sure that you will not be interrupted during this exercise, your focus is very important. Sit about 5 feet away from the circle, now with your arms in your lap, being very still, stare at the black dot. First you will start to have tunnel vision, then slowly it will fade into the black dot, total darkness in a brightly lit room.

NOW YOU ARE BLIND, but if you move your eyes even a little your sight will come back immediately. Yes, just the same as a screen saver works. As soon as you move the mouse of your computer the screen comes back to life.