Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Heroes and Their Watches Part 3

This Hero needs no introduction. You can usually find him hanging around in a cave.
The thing about this guy is that he'll show up when he gets good and ready, not a minute before.
Now from time to time this Hero and his Butler get into heated discussions about which watches are the best, and as you might have guessed, the Butler is always right.
This is Batman's work watch, 
the BR stands for Bell&Ross,
not Batman's Rolex. It's stealth for sure.
Now on the other hand he does have a small watch collection,  so while resting at the mansion (from staying up all night) he wears this...
Gold is not his "norm", but he has to look the part of the millionaire jet setter, self centered Bruce Wayne.
If you're ever privileged enough to take a cruise in his "ride" you will see one of these custom made into the dash...
Now,  after all criminals have been locked away and His city is safe once again, it's public knowledge that he will go into early retirement.
Of course, the Mayor will give him a retirement watch, it will be a combo set. The Bat will put down the 46mm Bell for these...
Recently in an interview with his Surrogate Father, Butler, and THE BRAINS behind the operation, told us that -
 "It will be a bloody cold day in hell when Master Bruce will ever see these watches."
 There has to be perks for The Secret Keeping Butler.