Saturday, March 2, 2013

St. Nick's Knives and SpectacleWatch presents 2012 Alabama National Championship Case Knives

From time to time I do MAN GEAR posts for some of my favorite brands and stores, I have found Case Knives at
St. Nick's Knives
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St. Nick's Knives

The Trappers

The Alabama Championship Case Knives have arrived and are selling fast. I will tell you up front that the pictures here do not do these collectible knives justice. First will be the Limited Edition White Bone Trapper.

Alabama Crimson Tide


As you can see, the snap casing of this Case Knife is incredible! I was very impressed with the strength and structure, it's nice to know that your Case collectible will be safe and sound no matter where you store it.

This Trapper has a beautiful shield that's included in the case, "BACK TO BACK."

.All of these Limited Edition Case Knives have pain staking detail in the badging and in the engravings on the blades.

These knives are numbered from 1- 200 : just so happen we have # 130 shown here.
As far as numbered collectibles, the Case Knives are most desired from the number 1 through 1000. Usually any number after 1000 is deemed for sentimental value only and will more than likely "NOT" go up in price.
St. Nick's knives has the first 200 of all these showcased collectibles. You will not be able to aquire these anywhere else, so get yours while they last, it will not be for long.

Highly decorated blades, end pieces, and handles.

                                                        Crimson Red Alabama Logo

                                                              Trapper number Two

National Champions

All of the new Limited Edition Case Knives are packaged for long term storage in mind, and also to be displayed.

A lot of thought went into the "presentation" of these collectibles. The casing, badging, down to the placement of the blade positioning inside the hard shell boxes. 

Remarkable detailing of logos and titles, these are engraved with great care. The people at the Case Company take pride in their workmanship,

Trapper number three


Strong durable handles provide many years of service, no matter if you showcase your Case knife or use it for daily use.


Case Knives are the most collected pocket knife world wide, and not just in the United States.

There are many different designs to choose from, or you could collect the whole 2012 Alabama series

Trapper number four

Some people think that Bama is going to lose it's edge ( Auburn fans ), but I believe it has only just begun.

Popularity in the Case company is at an all time high, and with it's focus on college football memorabilia increasing, well the sky is the limit.

If your thinking about starting a Case collection you should start with this years series of Alabama Championship Case Knives.


,with an Alabama Crimson Tide Case Knife in your pocket, you'll always have
The Elephant with you.
So to order your Limited Edition Case Knife just call one of these numbers:

(800) 949-5811
(877) 489-9418

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